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Client Testimonials

“I am a clinical psychologist with a practice in Chula Vista. My office is connected to my home. Last week, my home and office were broken into. The feeling of having returned home to find you’ve been burglarized is a very heavy one. The emotional feelings of violation are immense coupled with the practical fears of calculating how much damage has been caused. When your home is also your workplace, where you treat clients and keep confidential medical records of theirs, there is also the feeling of responsibility in protecting not just your family and possessions, but also the privacy of your patients. That’s why I needed to work with a locksmith and security specialist who would be able to understand the different aspects of re-securing my home and my home office. J&L Auto Repair & Locksmith were attentive, thoughtful and offered me some wonderful suggestions, both on a commercial and residential security level. I was absolutely delighted when the team arrived on the scene within 30 minutes of my call and very happy with the work they did.” Michelle Ellison-Lee

“I have to thank the team of auto repair specialists at J&L Auto Repair & Locksmith in Chula Vista for the tremendous work they did on my teenage son’s car after his fender bender. The extra safety measures were a nice touch too!” Rose Thomas

“Unfortunately someone in my office building used the rear bumper of my car as a parking cushion last week, causing some scraping and damage to the rear. I was amazed to be able to drop my car off at J&L Auto Repair at the start of my lunchbreak and collect it in a little over 3 hours later with all of the repair work having been finished. I will definitely remain a customer of yours!” Ricardo Diaz

“I have a florist business in Chula Vista and needed a clever way to secure my workshop at the same time as having a secure but partially open shelter for flower deliveries first thing in the morning before I arrive to work. The commercial locksmith section of J&L Auto Repair & Locksmith devised a really smart dual door mechanism, with an outside shutter than can be left open for the deliveries, and then closed to lock. I love it!” Charlotte Linney




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