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Best Key Duplication Service In Chula Vista

J&L Auto repair and Locksmith is a locally owned provider of top class auto shop and comprehensive locksmith services. We pride ourselves in offering the community of Chula Vista with solutions to all types of lock, key, home security or auto anti theft system related problems. Our expert locksmith techs can handle any challenge you throw our way, whether it’s residential, commercial or auto locksmith related.

Top Quality Duplicates to Any Type of Key

With J&L Auto repair and Locksmith you need not wonder if we can duplicate the kind of key you need duplicated. Our locksmith techs possess the necessary professional knowhow and our service vans are equipped with all the necessary tools of trade in order to duplicate any type of key on spot.
Whether it’s your home’s front door key, a key to a filling cabinet, your car’s ignition key (chip keys included) or any other type of key, you can be sure that we can provide you with the duplicate you need. our key duplication service is both top class and competitively priced.

Super Fast

At J&L Auto repair and Locksmith we value our clients’ time. We make it a point to provide all our services, our key duplication service included, as fast as possible. We waste no time in answering your call, we will immediately send over one of our highly skilled locksmith techs in a state of the art mobile locksmith workshop, in form of one of our service vans. Once with you our tech will proceed to make a duplicate of the key you need duplicated , a duplicate that will be every bit as good as the original, many times even better since we use only the very best dummy keys.

Full Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At J&L Auto repair and Locksmith our goal is to provide Chula Vista’s community with top class, comprehensive locksmith and auto repair services. We aim for full customer satisfaction in each and every job we undertake, from biggest to smallest. We know that in order to ensure full customer satisfaction super fast, top class service must be coupled with highly competitive rates. We have streamlined our operation so that we can provide all our services, our key duplication service included, for the best rates to be found.

Why Choose Us

With J&L Auto repair and Locksmith you can be sure to get the very best key duplication service for the lowest possible rate. Being a local firm, we know the locksmith related needs of Chula Vista’s community and make sure we can provide solutions to all of them, we can duplicate any type of key on spot.
We guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location in Chula Vista, we can duplicate any type of key for you, the most advanced transponder keys included. Our techs are fully certified, service oriented professionals, we provide them with all the tools they may need in order to the make the duplicate key you need, or solve any other type of locksmith related problem for that matter. Our rates are unbeatable, so if you are in Chula Vista and need a key duplicated you need not settle for anything but the best.

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