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Gates and Iron Work

Decorating our home with iron gates and iron work products is a work of art that goes all the way back to the middle ages, when iron work was mainly used for crafting weapons and shields. Circa the 16th century iron work has started being used for architectural decorations which benefited from its original purpose of providing defense and protection. As we all know, iron is a strong and resilient material that is very difficult to break or penetrate, and here lies its greatest advantage when used for gates and other home decorations and facilities.

As the centuries went by the main use of iron work shifted from weapons and shields for doors and windows to a new and modern sense of beautiful, artistic decorating options for one`s property. Nowadays, we can see many houses which design includes many diverse elements and uses of this graceful and strong material.

Indoor and Outdoor

Iron gates are a lovely way to surround our property with protective means. But, security is not all it provides. Iron gates make for a wonderful and unique decoration that sets the tone for the rest of the house’s d├ęcor.

But, it is important to realize that iron work doesn`t stop only at the outer area of the house or property. It is also very commonly used insides, as stair case designs and railing decorations for example. This strong material fits perfectly to various niches, both in wide open spaces and also inside the intimacy of the house. It is that diverse. Of course, it is important to hire the right kind of professional designer to work with this material, as it requires specific handling and knowledge.

Wrought and Cast Iron

What is the difference? Simple. These are two methods of handling iron as a material, and sculpting it into the desired product. When dealing with wrought iron professionals usually use an air hammer, which is very reminiscent of what blacksmiths used in ancient times to shape iron. In times of old, blacksmiths used an anvil to heat and shape iron into the form they needed it to be, but today it`s a little different of course, as welders use acetylene torch, which is the method of combining several aggressive chemicals that help reshape iron without damaging it. The cast iron method uses a large furnace which gets to extreme degrees of searing heat that melts the iron, and then lets it cool off. This method was first operated by the Chinese, way back in the 6th century.

Modern History

When choosing to design your house gates and iron work with this strong material you enjoy both from better security for your house and from unique designs crafted to your preferences. Not only that, but you also offer visitors a taste of history as a tribute to the important part iron works played in Human history.

History aside, though, you should always remember to hire only certified professional service providers to make sure you get nothing but the best results.

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