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About Us

J&L Auto Repair & Locksmith is a true local pillar of the business community in Chula Vista, CA. Our formula is simple and time honored: we believe in providing the city of Chula Vista with a totally local, personal, attentive and quality assured service through each and everything we do for you.

We place professional integrity and value for money at the center of our ethos, and we sure hope to exceed your expectations when you come to us for locksmith and auto repair. We are fully bonded, insured and certified and offer excellent service for an honest and reasonable price.

We believe that in providing you with the zenith of quality, we enable you to go about your business in your day to day life with a little extra zoom in your step. This means that we raise the expected standard for other businesses in Chula Vista too, and hopefully enhance your abilities, meaning that everyone in Chula Vista will experience a positive domino effect!

We are so focused on providing Chula Vista residents with the best because we love this city as much as you do and we believe you deserve only the best! We want you to quite rightly have high expectations and we pledge to always strive to not just achieve these, but surpass them too.

What we do

As always, all of our emergency locksmith and auto repair services come with a 30 minute quick response time promise, wherever you are in Chula Vista, and whatever the time of day you call s for emergency assistance.

We offer a broad array of auto repair services, vehicle maintenance and 24- hour emergency locksmith services, covering the following:




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