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Welcome to the site of J&L Auto Repair & Locksmith, located in the beautiful South Bay city of Chula Vista, California.  We are ready and available for all your locksmith & auto repair needs throughout the whole of Chula Vista.  We are a very well established, trusted and professional local business, offering both locksmith & auto repair services to our customers in Chula Vista.


One of our greatest strengths  lies in our army of dedicated emergency locksmiths, who are on hand around the clock to come to any location in Chula Vista to attend to your lockout, broken key, break-in or general re-securing needs.  Our team of locksmiths right here in Chula Vista is fully licensed trained, certified and prepared to undertake both commercial and residential locksmith services for you. So, think of us when you need a licensed locksmith in Chula Vista and you are sure to be dazzled by the professional craftsmanship, timeliness and great price we offer!

Auto Repair Chula Vista

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers, both existing and new, a whole raft of auto repair services in Chula Vista.  Our fully-equipped, top-of-the-range Auto Body Shop is right here for everything from routine car maintenance to oil changes, or wheel alignment. Our team of licensed and fully- qualified automotive technicians are dedicated to spending their days providing you with the best auto repair experience in Chula Vista – we’ve helped thousands of Chula Vista residents see why we are number one in the region for auto repair. You will not be disappointed!

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

Our renowned car locksmith services really put us heads and shoulders above our competitors. We are trained and certified to offer not just commercial locksmiths, but residential locksmiths too. This means that we are bonded and insured to deal with a whole host of 24 hour emergency locksmith situations – from your lost car key lockout, house key lockout or office key lockout, all with the same ease and professionalism.  Our mission is to offer you the best service in Chula Vista that is convenient for you and at an unbeatable price.

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